Will a high-wattage charger explode (damage) the phone?

Firstly, can a high-wattage charger really explode your phone?  

The good news is, please rest assured, it won’t. 


Every mobile charger that follow safety standards are usually designed quite intelligently, with various protective mechanisms to ensure safety during the charging process. The smart phones themselves also have corresponding safety protection mechanisms. (Related articles: Charger`s Safety Protection Mechanisms) 

 These protection mechanisms include overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, and so on. It’s like the safety guard of a smart phone, aiming to ensure that your phone can charge safely and securely. However, this does not mean you can simply use any high-wattage charger without concern. Quality is still crucial, as safety comes first. It is recommended to choose chargers from various certified brands (such as Innergie) that comply with safety standards. This way, you can better ensure the stability and safety of the charging process. 

Why high-wattage PD fast chargers won`t overcharge your smart phones? 

Firstly, USB PD (Power Delivery) fast charger typically feature intelligent systems: smart detection, smart fast charging, and smart distribution. Power Delivery (USB PD) protocol can adjust the charging voltage and current based on the power required by the device. Whether for a single device or multiple devices, they can quickly allocate the most appropriate charging power for each device. Therefore, if you use a 100W charger to charge a 20W phone, the charger will adjust the charging power to match the phone’s specifications, providing a charging rate of 20W. 

Why high wattage charger become popular on the market? 

Every device come with different power loads (power-consuming components) and are paired with corresponding battery capacities. As a result, devices have varying charging power requirements. For example, the 14-inch MacBook Pro is recommended to use a 96W/70W charger, while the iPhone 15 series is recommended to use a 30W charger. Therefore, when purchasing a charger, it is important to choose one with the recommended wattage for all your device. If you want to charge multiple devices simultaneously, you can calculate the total power of the devices and choose a charger accordingly. For instance, a MacBook Pro 14-inch and iPhone 15 can use a 100W charger for simultaneous charging (such as C10/C10 Duo).