C-C Flex


  • PD 240W fast charge, Connect with every USB-C devices.
  • 1M and 1.8M available. Catering to various needs.
  • Ultra flexible silicone material. Easy to store with no tangle.
  • 10000+ Insertion and Withdrawal Test 25000+ Bending Test.
  • Made by global power expert, Delta Electronics for 3 years quality assurance.


C-C Flex

Ultra flexible Silicone Material

Ultra flexible Silicone Material

Crafted with eco-friendly non-toxic liquid silicone. Splash-resistant. Super-flexible. Tangle-free.

Accessory - All Connected

Connect more and charge more for your last mile of charging experience

240W Fast Charge

Latest PD3.1 EPR (Extend Power Range) protocol. Max 240W (48V / 5A) output. Covers any kinds of USB-C devices you could think of

Power and Data Delivery

Data transfer speed up to 480 Mbps. Fast Transfer of High-Definition Videos/Photos. Fast change and fast transfer all at once.

All-Round Durability Tested, Quality Assured

4 Kg
Weight Test

Bending Test

Insertion and Withdrawal Test

Bending Tested

Silicone material for exceptional durability and resilience. Reinforced with a stress-relief structure to protect the most delicate joints and the core.

Two Length for Diverse Applications

Carry and Charge with ease

Ultimate Portable Productivity

1.8 M
Flexible Charging Range

Ultimate 3-Year Warranty

3-Year Warranty and Replacement Service for Innergie Members.

Innovation For You

Safety and Efficiency

Superior material and solid structure ensure reliability and stability at all time.


High conversion rate, reducing energy wasted while charging your device with Innergie. Minimize burden to our environment.

A brand of Delta

Innergie offers an industry-leading 3-year warranty and thoughtful services on its premium product. Please go to Custom Service and register your product.

Product Spec

Check It Out

Perfect Converter for
USB-C devices

fast charge

Bending Test

3-year Warranty


1M & 1.8M


480 Mbps data sync


Compatible with most USB-C (Type-C) devices, MacBook, iPad, Chromebook, etc.


1M & 1.8M


240W Max

480 Mbps data sync

Tip Compatibility

Compatible with most USB-C (Type-C) devices, MacBook, iPad, Chromebook, etc.