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No need to change a charger when you change your laptop

Innergie Laptop Adapters include 6 Laptop tips, however, if none of the tips fits you, simply register your product online and fill out the *Free Tip Program form then we will send you the required tip for free!

*Free tip Program:

1. For Innergie model T24 & T28 tips are not compatible with T6/65U, T9, T18/180G model. T24 & T28 Free Tips Program is limited to Ct, Dt, F1t, Gt, Xt, and Ft (7.4*5.1 mm) tips.

2. For Innergie model T6/65U, T9, T18/180G are not compatible with laptops that inquire USB-C ports or with older versions of Apple Magsafe laptops, Microsoft Surface Laptops, and Razer laptops. If you’re unsure product compatible, please reach us through “Contact us” before making a purchase.

3.  A free Tip is available during the warranty period of your Innergie tip charger

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